Our Series 6 cinema robot is capable of executing complex, high-speed camera movements, meticulously designed to capture the perfect shot.

Botwürx Cinema 

Meet Eva our high-speed cinema robot, designed for precision and efficiency, is a game-changer for tabletop product environments. Equipped with advanced motion control capabilities, this compact and versatile robot excels in capturing intricate, repeatable movements that are essential for high-quality product shots. Its ability to maneuver in tight spaces allows for innovative and dynamic angles, bringing products to life with unparalleled clarity and detail. The robot's precision ensures every shot is consistent, perfect for creating seamless visual effects and stunning time-lapse sequences. With our expert operator and technical assistant handling the setup and operation, you can focus on your creative vision, confident that our cutting-edge technology will deliver professional-grade results every time. Enhance your tabletop product shoots with our motion control robot and experience a new level of creativity and efficiency.


Size and Weight
Base Height: 3’
Base Width: 2’
Base Length: 2’
Arm Reach: 3’8”
Max Height: 7’10”
Weight: 800lb

Robot Arm
Length: 3’8”
Maximum Payload: 22lbs
Weight: 120lbs 
Power Requirements 
Single Phase.  230v-20 amp or 110 volt house power with provided step up transformer

Shooting Speed
Vertical Move: 10.50 feet/second
Horizontal Move: 10.50 feet/second
Axis 1: ± 170°
Axis 2: +45°/-190°
Axis 3: +156°/-120°
Axis 4: ± 185°
Axis 5: ± 120°
Axis 6: Infinite

Robot Axis Speed
Axis 1: 300° per second
Axis 2: 225° per second
Axis 3: 225°per second
Axis 4: 381° per second
Axis 5: 311° per second
Axis 6: 492° per second
Our Series 6 cinema robot specifications.


Eva is our cinema robot capable of executing complex, high-speed camera movements, meticulously designed to capture the perfect shot. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for studio environments and an ideal option for on-location shoots.

Powered by lensmaster

Lensmaster is our cutting-edge motion control software meticulously designed for Cinema Robotics. With its powerful and intuitive real-time interface, Lensmaster offers an unmatched level of flexibility and a multitude of advanced features, allowing you to channel our full creative energy into design and innovation.

Lensmaster is our cutting-edge motion control software meticulously designed for cinema robotics.
Precise and efficient controls. Turning your vision into a movement is a seamless and straightforward process.


We utilize an Xbox controller to maneuver our high-speed cinema robot with precision, aligning it perfectly with the director's or DP's vision. This intuitive control system allows for rapid and exact adjustments, ensuring the robot moves to precise locations as required. The ease of use and familiarity of the Xbox controller significantly enhances workflow efficiency, allowing for swift changes and minimizing downtime during production. This streamlined approach ensures that every shot is executed flawlessly, maximizing productivity and creativity on set.

Dynamic Motorized FIZ Control

(F.I.Z. focus, iris, zoom)

Our custom Nucleas M Dynamic Focus Control System seamlessly integrates with our motion control software to deliver unparalleled precision in focus pulling for any robotic shot. This advanced system synchronizes perfectly with the robot's movements, ensuring that focus adjustments are accurate and smooth, regardless of the complexity of the shot. Whether tracking fast-moving subjects or capturing intricate product details, our dynamic focus control provides consistent, sharp focus, enhancing the overall quality of your production. This innovation allows directors and DPs to achieve their creative vision with confidence, knowing that every shot will be perfectly in focus.



Our custom designed pneumatic launch kits pairs perfectly with our high speed robotic arm and slow motion camera to achieve dynamic and captivating imagery.  Each setup can be timed precisely to the thousandth of a second to capture the perfect shot.

Areas Served:

We offer motion control robot rental servicesin the following cities in California.

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