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Welcome to a new era of product commercials. Our motion control studio in Los Angeles offers a complete, hassle-free experience for your tabletop product shoots. Walk into our creative haven, where every tool you need awaits. At the heart of our studio is our cutting-edge high-speed motion control robot, designed to capture every angle and detail with unparalleled precision. We take care of all the technical essentials, so you can immerse yourself in the creative process and produce commercial-grade videos that captivate and inspire

High-speed motion control robot in action at Botwurx studio.
Our motion control systems revolutionize filmmaking and videography by offering unmatched precision and control over camera movements.

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Motion control robots have revolutionized filmmaking and videography by offering unmatched precision and control over camera movements. They enable complex shots, precise and repeatable shots allowing seamless subject swaps. Meet Eva, our versatile cinebot that can be utilized in various applications, surpassing traditional slider-based motion control with a much faster workflow and quick on-set adjustments. With speeds up to three meters per second, Eva facilitates dynamic angle changes and slow-motion shots, adding creativity and depth to your footage.

Turn Key Studio Solution

Our fully equipped turnkey motion control studio solution in Los Angeles is designed to meet a wide range of production needs, minimizing the need for outside resources. With state of the art equipment such as our 6 axis cinema robot, high speed camera and a comprehensive selection of custom rigs, including pneumatic launchers, turntables, pouring rigs, drop rigs, and custom setups, we provide everything necessary to achieve stunning visuals. Our goal is to deliver a seamless production experience, allowing you to focus on creativity while we handle the technical details.

Motion control

6 Axis cinema robot
Our Eva cinema robot excels at executing complex, high-speed camera movements to capture the perfect shot. Its compact design makes it ideal for both studio and on-location shoots.
Precision rigs
Custom rigs developed to work along side our motion control robot and high speed camera to achieve unique and dynamic shots.
dynamic focus system
Our custom Nucleus-M system enables dynamic target tracking, ensuring precise and smooth focus control for any moving subject.
Detailed view of a motion control application interface.

Camera & Lens

Camera packages
Choose between various cinema grade cameras packages to meet your projects specific requirements.
Lens packages
We offer a diverse selection of cinema lenses for each shot your have in mind.
Dynamic focus control
Camera and lens.

Lights & Grip

We offer an extensive range of lighting equipment to illuminate and enhance the overall quality of the scene.
All the necessary grip equipment required to have a successful shoot.
Rags & Flags
Various forms of diffusion, bounce and flags available at arms reach to help direct and shape light.
Lighting and grip equipment are essential for illuminating scenes and ensuring a successful shoot.

Other services

Cinema robot in a high-tech motion control studio, showcasing its versatility and application in various film productions.

MOtion COntrol Studio For Rent

Cinema robot operator adjusting the camera position on the advanced robotic arm during a commercial shoot

Cinema Robot For Hire

Team of filmmakers coordinating with the cinema robot for precise camera angles.

Full Production

Our cutting-edge CGI product video production services help your customers visualize your products in action.


our featured works

Explore a few of our best product videos we have crafted for leading brands. Showcasing high-end product video production, reflecting our commitment to quality and creativity. Trusted by major brands, we specialize in producing visually stunning videos that enhance brand storytelling and engage audiences. Explore our carousel of featured videos to see why top companies rely on us for their product video needs.

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We provide motion control studio rental services in the following cities in California.
Cities: Glendale, Los Angeles

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